Anchor Bolts & U Bolts

Our Products Posted on April 7th, 2015 by vapro All-Pro Threaded Products - Anchor Bolts Anchor bolts and U bolts have been manufactured at All-Pro Threaded since 1982 to all requirements. Capable of producing your products in a variety of types, grades, and materials, All-Pro Threaded has in-house domestic manufacturing capabilities that allow us to complete quick turns on small and large orders. We can produce any type of thread which can be rolled or cut. Corresponding nuts and washers are available as well as any assembly or kitting option. We can also provide any option of special plating or heat treatment. The ISO 9001 In-house A2LA accredited Quality lab insures that the product is made to all specifications during the complete manufacturing process.
  • 90° Anchor Bolt
  • Round U-Bolts
  • Square U-Bolts
  • T-Bolts
  • Double –End Anchor Bolts
  • Open Eye Bolt
  • Closed Eye Bolt
  • Square Hook
  • J-Bolts
  • Round Hook
  • Welded Assemblies
  • Custom Bent

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