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Our Products Posted on August 27th, 2015 by vapro All-Pro Threaded Product Capabilities The APTP equipment list includes hot forge upsetting and vertical presses, rolled and cut threading equipment, CNC lathes, vertical and horizontal benders, and various other specialized pieces of equipment. All tooling is manufactured in-house in order to reduce cost and setup time. APTP is continuously expanding the offered product lines. If you have a special manufacturing need, please give us a call at 1-800-361-6627.                  
  Standard Metric
Anchor Bolts & Hanger Rods 1/4″ thru 4″ 6mm thru 100mm
Round Bend U-Bolts 1/4″ thru 3/4″ 6mm thru 20mm
Square Bend U-Bolts 1/4″ thru 1″ 6mm thru 25mm
Cut Thread 1/4″ thru 4″ 6mm thru 100mm
Rolled Thread Straight Die 1/4″ thru 1″ 6mm thru 25mm
Cylindrical Die 1/4″ thru 3″ 6mm thru 75mm
Hot Headed Parts Closed Die 1/4″ thru 2 1/4″ Heavy Hex x 38″ and 2 1/2” thru 4” up to 24”
Upsetter 1/4″ thru 1 1/2″ Heavy Hex by any length
Hot Headed Shapes Fin Hex, Heavy Hex, Hex Flange, 12 Pt. Flange, Soc Cap, Square Head, Round Head, Flat Head, Rod Ends
Studs Full Thread, Double End, Tap End, Combination, Per Print Specials
Specialty Parts Swedge Bolts, Punched and Bent Plates, Linked Eye Bolts, Welded Assemblies, Per Print Specials
Induction Heaters Roll Threaders Bar Peelers Iron Worker
Saws CNC Lathes & Mills Vertical Presses Upsetters
Cut Threaders Bending Presses Hydraulic Benders Choppers

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